About me

When I was a child, I wanted to be a volcanologist. I found it fascinating how something that could cause so much destruction at the same time could also be renewed and create so much life. Since there are no volcanoes in Brazil, I got this idea out of my head very early. Later, when I was a swimming athlete, I fell in love with nutrition. Close to choosing what to do in college, I found the idea of being a doctor and being able to help people fascinating.

But here I am, a designer. I identified so much with the profession that I found ways to help others (users) solve problems. I started my journey doing Graphic Design and began Industrial Design college soon after.

I majored in Industrial Design but during my professional experience, what has made me find more meaning and purpose and have fun with what I do is Experience Design.

As designers, we are bridges connecting and translating diverse voices. We translate needs, solve problems, and create experiences that help people and businesses achieve their goals.

With my background in Industrial Design and Interaction Design, I have spent over ten years working with interdisciplinary and multicultural teams in Brazil, the US, and China, and I believe that great design comes from a combination of diverse perspectives.

With a problem-solving approach and a high degree of empathy for others, I have helped large companies overcome challenges and bring product vision to production/implementation. Always with a strategic and curious eye on user behavior and how quantitative and qualitative research merge to build insights that create product and service experiences that positively impact people's lives.